The Instructors

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Head Instructor

Earl Tobias 

Almost every sailor of Trinidad and Tobago has learned from Earl at one point or another. Earl loves a good race and is inspired to see sailors give their best sail.

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Instructor Level 2

Kristof Stüven

One of our most passionate instructors. He brings smiles to everyone who has the pleasure to meet him. When he is not studying to be a doctor, you'll find him on the sea.

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Instructor Level 1

Alexis Harridan

An Instructor in training, beloved by all of her students. She is making waves of smiles as she joins the TTSA Crew.
Friendly, passionate and eager to learn something new.

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Instructor Level 1

Yannick Aleong

Calm, cool and collected. Yannick is the youngest instructor at TTSA. He is relaxed in his teaching method and keep things fun and interesting for his students.

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Senior Instructor

Stephen Phillp

Started off by being offered to go on the powerboat with Earl one day during a camp. Has been sailing and teaching ever since. Making the same offer that he received years ago.

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Instructor Level 1

Stefan Stüven

Stefan is the most skilled sailor out of the our young instructors. He is dedicated to learning and improving in all aspects of his life, from sailing to teaching others to sail.