What are Rankings?

"Rankings" describes a series of race Events and Regattas to rank Sailors.
Finishing a race 1st, grants 1 point. 2nd grants 2 points, and so on.

At the end of these races, the Sailor with the lowest score is 1st Place for the Event or Regatta.


Academy Ranks!

We've added a bit of a twist to rankings to spice things up.

The Sailing Academy has a ranking system to display the skill level of a sailor by the sailor's "Rank".
The higher the Sailor's Rank, the more likely they are to win against lower ranked Sailors.

Want to Compete? 

To compete in a Rankings Event or Regatta the Sailor must;
1) Pay the registration fee for Term/Season or be enrolled in the Racing Class.

2) Register for the Event or Regatta they wish to attend to save a slot.

Please take note of the following:
Slots are limited to amount of vessels available.
Priority slots will be given to Sailors enrolled in the Racing Class.
Top ranking Racing Class Students will be given priority for High Value Events.
Sailors with their own vessel must pay registration fee to attend Events.


Academy Ranks

What are they? How does it work?

The Ranks

There are 6 ranks in the Sailing Academy.
These Ranks determine the skill level of

a Sailor in the Academy.

At the end of a season, sailors earn ranked rewards based on their rank as well as Academy perks for the following term.

Ranks reset to Gold at the start of a new season.


Beginner Level, Grade 1. Requires Assistance


Intermediate Level, Grade 2-3. Requires Assistance


Grade 3+, Racing Competent. Unassisted Sailor.




Top 48% of the Fleet. Requires Event Points (EP).

Top 32% of the Fleet. Requires Event Points (EP).

Top 16% of the Fleet. Requires Event Points (EP).

Mid Value Event

1st Place
100 EP
2nd Place
60 EP
3rd Place
40 EP
4th Place
30 EP
5th Place
24 EP
6th - 12th Place
20 EP
13th+ Place
10 EP

Event Points

Ranking Events and Regattas are given an Event Value.
Sailors obtain a percentage of the Event Value based on their overall placement at the end of the event.

Low Value Events - 50 points

Mid Value Events - 100 points

High Value Events - 200 points

Top Ranked Sailors are given Early Registry to
High Value Events for priority slots.

Official and Potential Rank

On the "Ranks" page, you are able to view your

Official Rank and your Potential Rank for the Season.


Your Official Rank

The percentage of accumulated EP out of the Total available EP of the Season.


Your Potential Rank:

The percentage of accumulated EP out of the Total of attend Events for the Season.


End of Term/Season Rank Perks and Rewards are only obtained by a Sailor's Official Rank.

Official Rank

300 EP out of the total Season value of 1250.
300/1250 Sailor is officially ranked Goal.

Potential Rank

300 EP out of the total of 600 EP of Events attended.
300/600 Sailor has the potential to rank Diamond.


+ 1 Free Session per week



+ 2 Free Sessions per week

+ 3 Free Sessions per week

Rank Perks and Rewards

At the end of a Term or Season, Sailors ranked Platinum or Higher are granted Rank Perks into the following Term upon enrolling for Racing Class.

At the end of a Season, Sailors ranked Platinum and Higher win various Rank rewards.

Rewards are unique to the Season.